These pages contain a few pictures of old Internationals and advertisements from newspapers from years ago and an old Australian International Trucks Sales brochure.

To try and cut down on some of the load time for the pictures I have tried to keep the pages fairly simple.

Sat. Evening Post advertisement, October 26, 1946

Sat. Evening Post advertisement, May 6, 1950

Australian International Trucks Brochure

Old IHC Special Interest Group

The '90

This photo was taken on the Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia, on the R190's maiden voyage to Perth from here in Gunnedah, which is on the other side of Australia. Quite a journey for a 35 year old truck, and she has been across 10 times since.

Click here to see more recent pictures of the "90"

Bill White's '90

This picture was sent to me by Bill White from Iowa and is of an L190. When new it ran two trips a week to Chicago, IL. from Denver, Colorado around 240,000 miles a year before Interstate highways. It had a RD 450 engine, 5 speed trans and 2 speed rear.


This is Bill's Dad and wrecked '90. He was in the bunk when the accident happened!!!!!



The top picture is of an old ASC160 International. The one below is of the same truck after it has been hot-rodded and dropped onto a late model 1 tonne chassis, with late model running gear. The truck belongs to a transport operator from South Australia by the name of Tony Kuchel.

Merv's AR-110

Merv's AR-110

Another South Australian truck, this time belonging to Merv Richards from Cooper Pedy. And I believe that this is Merv's daily driver.

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